Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Reflection for the Week of March 6th-10th

How did you do on your work?
Last week, the major assignment we worked on was the write-up for the PCR lab. I felt pretty good about this because of the online simulation we did beforehand. However, the Allele Server Exercise in which we compared genotype frequencies among groups complicated the lab a bit, and I’m not sure that I discussed it properly. The other assignments we did were vodcasts; these I understood very well because I remembered learning the material sophomore year.

What do you think you understand well?
I understand mitosis well because it was review for me. The “click and learn” activity we did was especially helpful in helping me recall that material, as well as learn about it in greater detail.

Where do you think you can improve?
While the “click and learn” was helpful, it also introduced new and potentiality confusing topics such as tumor suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes. I understand generally how mutations in these affect organisms, but I could improve on the specifics. For instance, how mutations affect the proteins/receptors that are involved in certain processes.

What strategies will you use to improve?
To improve, as always, I could ask more questions. Although I do a good job of discussing the material with peers, asking Mrs. Cole would help me with the more difficult topics, on which none of my classmates are too solid either.

How does the work we are doing fit into the context/narrative of the course?

This course is all about relating biology information to relevant, real-world situations. The work we did about mitosis and mutations in certain genes during it relate to the very real problem of cancer and how doctors treat it. I think talking about both sides of this topic helped me understand it better, because it links it to something I’m already familiar with.

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