Friday, April 7, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of April 3rd-7th

How did you do on your work?
I began this week feeling behind on the work, having missed class last Friday and this Monday. Luckily, I feel all caught up now, Friday night! (yeah, I'm writing this Friday night, but only because I've got a lot to do the rest of the weekend, not because I'm some mega nerd hahaha)

Anyway, the work I did this week was vodcasts 5.1 and 5.2, the quiz on vodcasts 4.7-4.10, a group project on circulation, and a packet on stickleback fish. I did well on all of these assignments, but I especially enjoyed the circulation project. I didn't know much about the topic beforehand, so the research aspect of the project was interesting. I also liked working in a group, because dividing the work allowed us to be thorough; for instance, I decided to hand draw a diagram rather than use one from the internet. Not only was it fun for me to get creative (and feel reassured that St. Paul's Studio Arts class was not a waste of money,) it also provided a great finishing touch to a great project overall!

What do you think you understand well?
I understand the process of circulation, since I researched it myself. I also understand inheritance, shown by how prepared I felt for the quiz on the topic.

Where do you think you can improve?
I don't understand the other life processes as well: gas exchange, excretion, and nutrition. Other groups were tasked with researching these processes; I only read about them during the shortened class this morning. While everyone's projects were well-researched and well-written, reading over them in such a short period of time was not enough for me to understand everything.
What strategies will you use to improve?
These projects are posted on the website, so I could always go back and read them in the quiet atmosphere of my own house (the classroom can get quite loud and distracting, but I'll admit I contribute to it.) I think discussing them as a class would also help me understand the information.

How does the work we are doing fit into the context/narrative of the course?
As we progress through the year and the course material, we are constantly building off of past lessons. This most recent lesson is no exception. Last unit, we learned about inheritance patterns, and this unit we are learning about the regulation of those genes that an organism inherits. Everything connects!

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